Frequently Asked Questions

This method has been tested on hundreds of patients with almost 100% efficiency. People manage to lose weight without any side effects.

Both men and women (also teenagers) can follow this program. Men lose more easily and more weight in comparison to women.

Some patients report headaches or a bad mood during the first few days. Due to the smaller amount of food oftentimes constipation happens, which can be solved by giving more fiber, more fluid, or mild laxatives, in rare cases.

Quick weight loss, no added wrinkles on the face, no loss of structural fat of bust, better and deeper sleep, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reduced need for insulin and other drugs during the treatment, better detoxification, generally better mood, higher energy. Many women report a reduction in cellulite after a period of 2 to 6 months.

Thanks to the special weight loss aid formula, which targets the body’s deposit fat, the body will burn from 1500 to 2500 calories out of these fat stores. If one would consume their usual amount of food then this process would be dismissed or not take place at all. Due to the amount of energy released by the fat stores, people feel great and there is no feeling of hunger.

When a person tries to lose weight quickly by eating considerably smaller quantities, the body reacts by entering a “starvation” sequence, slowing down the metabolic rate and burning fewer calories to protect its fat stores. Instead, the body will start burning muscle first, which is most easily converted into glucose. The result is that people who try to lose weight by significantly decreasing their food intake end up with a higher body fat ratio than before they started the diet.

  • The THERA WELLNESS Weight Loss program allows fat, and not muscle, to be burnt. At the end of the program, the body fat percentage will have decreased compared to its initial value. No serious health risks are at stake with this program. In contrast to a typical low intake diet, lean muscle mass and the necessary fat deposits that protect the vital organs remain intact. 
  • The THERA WELLNESS Weight Loss program is designed to mobilize the body’s adipose fat stores to make up for the caloric deficit, leading not only to quick weight loss but, most importantly, to reshaping the body. “Difficult to access” areas of the body, where the adipose fat stores are located such as the stomach, hips, thighs, and arms are targeted. 

Very importantly, and contrary to a regular low intake diet, the THERA WELLNESS™ Weight Loss program will keep the energy and mood levels high while sugar and food cravings will be reduced and gradually eliminated. 

The special weight loss program reduces the appetite by reprogramming the hypothalamus, which does not send hunger signals as frequently as before the diet. The person will not feel the need to continually eat and gets satisfied with smaller portions of food. It has been observed that the person’s preferences for certain types of meals change.

An average loss of approx. one pound per day is normal. Men usually react better than women and can lose up to two pounds a day. A typical phenomenon is uneven weight loss and the occurrence of a plateau, i.e., the weight loss stops for 3-4 days.

This special program targets the fat layers that are not easily available in the normal metabolic cycle. Therefore, the body does not suffer any harm. There is no burning of muscle mass, as in the case of other low-calorie diets. The burned fat releases into the bloodstream large amounts of contained therein nutrients, so patients feel great, their health status improves and their appearance is healthy.

Certainly. There is no negative effect on the production of milk.

Do not interfere. You can also use birth control pills.

The best option is low-intensity exercises. For example, half-hour walks, yoga, tai-chi, recreational cycling, swimming or dancing.

Yes. It is necessary to eat lunch and dinner, even if one does not feel hungry. It is not recommended, for example, to skip lunch and eat a hearty dinner. Also, it is not recommended to save meals for the next day.

If someone would break the diet by eating more or by eating food that is not permitted (e.g., at a party) they should go back to following the protocol and make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

This doesn’t usually occur and could be linked to a fungal infestation of the bowels, hypothyroidism, or be associated with blood sugar drops (in the case of people who have diabetes or hyperinsulinemia). A little bit of sugar or chocolate could help.

Yes. People have free will. If they choose to eat the wrong foods, e.g., too much sugar, “fast-food” foods, excessive quantities of processed products that will affect the hypothalamus and their weight will go up.

Yes. It is observed that in the subsequent repetitions of this program, the body tends to lose fat in other locations where it has stored fat reserves.

Patients with diabetes Type I, men with prostate or testicular cancer, women with ovarian cysts. Patients with gout, especially during this program, should be on allopurinol.