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Dr. Cassandra Mougiakou

Welcome to THERA WELLNESS™ Weight Loss Program

Having been asked by many patients repeatedly for a way to easily lose weight, I spent some time researching the subject. We all know about the importance of the hormonal system (insulin intolerance, thyroid hormones, etc.), possible food intolerances, mood swings, emotional eating, and so on, but could there be a way of pushing the body to burn calories no matter what?

For the last 12 years, we have been using this special weight loss program in our medical center and with great success. This method is safe and delivers results in almost no time.

This program aims at providing the foundation needed to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and introducing healthy eating habits for long-term results.

The benefits of making the right food choices are numerous. Besides feeling and looking younger and more fit, you will significantly contribute to preserving your health. Eating right helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps balance blood pressure and blood sugar. Most importantly, you will become a true role model for your loved ones and inspire them to do the same.

THERA WELLNESS™ WEIGHT LOSS Program vs. an Ordinary Low-Calorie Diet Program

  • The THERA WELLNESS™  weight loss program allows fat, and not muscle, to be burnt. At the end of the program, the body fat percentage will have decreased compared to its initial value. No serious health risks are at stake with this program. In contrast to a typical low intake diet, lean muscle mass and the necessary fat deposits that protect the vital organs remain intact.

  • The THERA WELLNESS™  weight loss program is designed to mobilize the body’s adipose fat stores to make up for the caloric deficit, leading not only to quick weight loss but, most importantly, to reshaping the body. “Difficult to access” areas of the body, where the adipose fat stores are located such as the stomach, hips, thighs, and arms are targeted.

  • Very importantly, and contrary to a regular low intake diet, the THERA WELLNESS™  weight loss program will keep the energy and mood levels high while sugar and food cravings will be reduced and gradually eliminated.

THERA WELLNESS™ Technology at Work

THE ROLE OF THE THERA WELLNESS™ TECHNOLOGY THERAPIES – skip costly and time – consuming tests & elimination of foods sensitivities

Table full of healthy eating choices for weight loss

THERA WELLNESS™  consultant will evaluate you for any food sensitivities and/or intestinal imbalances.  Ideally, your digestive system functions normally, but should there be any functionality issues, they must be addressed, since they can influence the success of ANY weight loss program.

Any adverse gut-related complaints signal such conditions, as well as any cravings for sugar, dairy, bread, or pasta. A digestive system that is not up to par can produce flatulence and water retention.

Since food sensitivities and intestinal imbalances will affect the weight loss process and cause fluctuating results, the therapy plan is designed to address such issues. All apparent food sensitivities should be identified and included in the therapy from the start.

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