THERA WELLNESS™ Program protocol

Our holistic wellness weight loss program lasts up to 8 weeks* and consists of personalized in-office sessions and easy-to-follow at-home meal plans, that will continue longer.

During your in-office sessions every 7 – 10 days, you will receive state-of-the-art THERA WELLNESS™ technology therapy. This therapy helps reduce cravings for sweets and other unhealthy foods and helps address metabolism imbalances.

The proprietary meal protocol is medically approved, clinically effective, and easy to follow.  It promotes eating healthy, fresh, and unprocessed foods, free from preservatives and other harmful artificial substances as much as possible.

The protocol is designed to enable the body to burn its fat reserves, and alongside the special weight loss meal plan, it is supported with our unique energy therapy drops and the patch to help target the body’s unwanted fat deposits and help you control your food intake.

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The program includes:


Weight loss phase


Weight loss transition phase


Weight loss maintenance phase

WEIGHT LOSS PHASE (weeks 1 – 4):

The goal of this phase is to enable your body to start burning its fat deposits, AND to lay the foundation for anti-inflammatory dietary choices for life.


Women: 1/2 pound a day, and total 6 – 14 pounds during the phase.

Men: up to 1 pound a day, and total 10 – 20 pounds during the phase.

Besides the weight loss, this Phase should also provide the following additional benefits: a whole body detox, a feeling of freshness and vitality due to the energy released from the fat being burned, blood pressure drop if you have hypertension, a more balanced blood glucose level.

TRANSITION PHASE (weeks 5 – 8):

During this phase, more foods are progressively introduced back into your diet.

During the Transition Phase, you will continue with the THERA WELLNESS™  in-office therapy as scheduled.

MAINTENANCE (ongoing basis):

This is all about following the new healthier anti-inflammatory eating habits that will help you stay healthier and more fit, and even look younger!

The maintenance stage of your new, healthy body weight allows for a bigger, even a ‘less healthy’ meal once a week.

Congratulations on having achieved your goal of healthy body weight!